Exploring the Emerald Waters of Panama City Beach, Florida

Explore emerald waters & pet-friendly paradise at Panama City Beach! Enjoy live music & dancing, bird watching & more!

Exploring the Emerald Waters of Panama City Beach, Florida

The southeastern United States is home to the area of northwestern Florida known as the Panhandle. Here, the city of Panama City Beach is situated on a thin strip of land bordered to the south by the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Every year, Florida welcomes more than 100 million visitors to its beaches and coasts, and it's not hard to understand why. With miles of crystal clear waters lapping against the longest coastline in the contiguous United States, it's no surprise that Florida is one of the top destinations.

The Florida Peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. The Florida Strait separates the gulf from the ocean and encircles the Florida Keys in the south. Panama City Beach is located in northwest Florida, with its warm waters and soothing breeze from the Gulf of Mexico. The fine white quartz sand and crystal clear waters are what make Panama City Beach so special. Panama City Beach is a popular vacation spot, particularly among people from the southern United States.

Its slogan is “The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World” due to Northwest Florida's unique sugar-white sand beaches. Bonfires are prohibited on the beaches without a permit, but bonfire rental includes a permit. Gulf Coast State College is located in Panama City, just across the Hathaway Bridge from Panama City Beach.

Live Music and Dancing at Panama City Beach

On the east end of Panama City Beach, there's a regular list of bands that play by the sea. This is an ideal spot for listening to live music and dancing.

US 98 runs from northwest to southeast, just inland from the coast, driving east 10 miles (16 km) to Panama City and 47 miles (76 km) northwest to Destin.

Rick Stelzer Park: A Pet-Friendly Paradise

Rick Stelzer Park is a pet-friendly paradise located on Panama City Beach. The unspoiled beauty of this beach is an example of why the Leave No Trace initiative in Panama City Beach is so important. While you might not be spending a full day here, it's worth a visit while you're in town. The FL-30 runs along the coast from northwest to southeast as Front Beach Road, leading east to Panama City and 24 km northwest to Rosemary Beach.

Florida State University Branch Campus

The Florida State University branch campus in Panama City is also located in Panama City, just across the Hathaway Bridge from Panama City Beach.

This spot is also popular for bird watching due to its diversity of coastal plants and nature.

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